Integration hub for your SaaS

Release integration hub (app store) for your SaaS in hours not months. Ploton is open source and free to use.

SaaS Integration hub

Do not reinvent the wheel.

Bring your business logic.

Integration is a complex problem. Ploton takes care of the infrastucture so you can focus on your business logic.

Business logic
User authentication :
Choose from over 50 built-in OAuth profiles or bring your own custom OAuth for authentication.
Versions :
Release versions of integrations/apps to support legacy systems.
Event driven :
Define custom events to deliver data to your users, for example, invoice.created.
Multi language support :
Write integrations using TypeScript, Golang, Python, and Shell.
Open source :
Benefit from the support of an open source community.
Engineer-First Approach :
Incorporate integrations into your engineering cycle.